Monday, June 29, 2009

Frosties, Ships and cloud factories...

Today around 4 pm, We decided to go for a drive, with no particular destination set out. Which is the best way to take a mini road trip. We started off getting something to snack on at Frostie in Sabina.
Then we drove through New Vienna. It was an interesting little town. I am from Colorado, and the towns out there are nothing like the ones in Ohio.
These places are truly “Any town USA.” They are trapped in time (the buildings) I love it.

We ended up in a town called Hillsboro, we basically just got some gas in that town. However I spotted an interesting lawn ornament. ☺

We did some more driving, along the Ohio river. It was very pretty, and we stopped at a little diner, in a town called Higgensport.

This place had a LOT of ships. I took a couple pictures of the ones I favored.

and I had the best grilled cheese sandwich of my life, and an equally good baked potato.
The tables looked like a TGI Friday’s sign.

Travis was not amused at me taking pictures of him. (He was actually lip syncing “Fuck you.”)

The jerk. LOL
There was also an adorable little kitty that was hanging out out on the deck.

We went for a little walk in this town. And I spotted this tree and vines, it reminded me of The Secret Garden.

Then we stopped at a little park, and I got some pictures on this river boat. ☺

Travis and I were the most awesome captains ever.

Then a little further down the road, I spotted something unsettling.

“Please tell me that is a CLOUD factory!” I said.
It was my first time seeing a nuclear power plant.

This was some town called New Richmond I think.

We ended up in Kentucky, and then on our way home, disaster.
The damn car broke down. We were able to get it home, but it needs to be towed to the mechanic in the morning. I think Billy Mays did it from beyond the grave because I talked a little smack about him before we left.

** The Frostie pic wasn't taken by me. Whomever took it, if you want me to remove it, I will


  1. I love your road trip story. and I agree, that nuclear power plant is a little unnerving... especially when it sneaks up on you. (this is Maggie)lol

  2. @Maggie- It was so unnerving. We were walking around outside, and everything was so beautiful, the water and the trees...then 10 miles later, nasty power plant crap. LOL